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Otterweave Games Studio is an indie game studio based in York, and we aim to create narrative-driven games that combine different genres to create immersive game experiences! We povide work-for-hire services for interactive experiences and games in Unity, and we also create our own game titles!

Our studio's director - Marco has worked on multiple projects for different clients before, including BlackFell, an interactive opera experience which was once featured in Financial Times.

As our upcoming piece, we are working on EMITIME - a Rhythm-based Deck-Building RPG!

Our studio’s value is to make games that inspire - we seek to bring up a smile on our audience through our games and motivate them!


Inspired by amazing RPG experiences during my childhood, I have developed the dream to create my own games that could convey stories through enjoyable gameplay.

To fulfil this ambition, I have gone to great lengths to self-teach myself game development since high school, as well as creating a fair amount of game projects throughout university!

Otterweave Games Studio marks the beginning of my dream to actually dive into the game industry, creating games that everyone could enjoy!

Marco Ng.


Follow the Development of EMITIME - A Rhythm-based Deckbuilder!
Combining rhythm, deckbuilder and grid-based tatics...
With different Gameplay Styles for each of the Characters...
It will give you a really unique experience!!!
Wishlist on Steam Now!!

Also, you can have a look at our previous projects here
or check out our showreel below!

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